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everyone has the right to have his own voice ! 

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Everything started a year ago, while we were discussing in class about environmental issues and how plenty factors of our everyday life destroy the environment, we had a bunch of ideas on what project we could do on this issue for the next time. After we presented our project which was a composition of how the famous painting of Hieronymus Bosch has to do with the pollution earth, based on documentary “Before The Flood”, we wondered why not let other people to tell us their opinion ?"

Quickly we had the idea for a blog. But we didn't stop there. We knew that we had the means for something bigger. We had a programmer (passionated with the technology), friends who were social media leaders, a couple of other friends who had plenty of ideas to discuss, and some excellent writers.

So we decided to create an open website with articles that can be discussed and get commented, in order to find a solution. We knew that we wanted to create an organisation with the mission to create:

"A network of communities based on students' interests & concerns. In SWCare you can share your notions, your beliefs, your concerns, as wells as your ideas to demonstrate them on our Channels and to start online discussions in our extended Forum System, that focuses on students' awareness. "

Today we would like to create a strong network of students*, who will present their ideas on the Internet and the means so that they can get their voices.

We are Students Who Care