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everyone has the right to have his own voice ! 

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Speak up, we are listening 

We are here to support everyone's point of view. Do you have a problem - we are listening, do you need help - we are listening, do you want to shout something out - we are listening

You aksed it and we did it ! A whole new support network is ready to help everyone to express himself with confidence, transparency and trust. In Students Who Care we want to support students' dreams as well as notions, belifs etc. This is our story, check it out bellow !

Speak Up, we are Listening ! | Students Who Care - This is our story
Speak Up ! We are Listening - Our Story

"Remember, speak up we are listening 👂!" - Share your concerns, notions, beliefs, ideas, whatever you want now and be one that will get the Editor Upgrade award.

*IMPORTANT: We are here to judge nobody. If someone contact us to express us his fears or personal problems, we have to note that we aren't psychologists. We only aim to find out what are your concerns about the society or other stuff that you may mention. If the contacted person have psychological problems then has to directed immediatly to a doctor. Again we mention that we are not here neither to judge anybody nor to learn your personal life things. We are students society that concerns about other students' notions. You don't have to take into account at all the phrase "Here you have a real friend...". This campaign completly goes under our general mission and the responses that we may receive won't affect the sender at all as we will not share them with nobody. This is only for statistics reasons/survey formula! To send your concern you will redirect to the general contact page. Your responses go under our Privacy Policy. To get the "Editor Upgrade" award, you need to have previously created an SWCare Account and you did it after this campaign took action. The Editor Upgrade award is: We upgrade your account status, you receive a unique badge right next from your name and you take full access to the Wizard Editor in priority line. Moreover, in the next few months that we will realease our next campaigns, you may receive a 30$ gift card for